15 Trending Micro Wedding Ideas

If the production of a large wedding is overwhelming or you have an introverted nature there are many micro wedding ideas to consider if you are not afraid to break traditional norms and create something beautiful and memorable. Planning a wedding is a huge commitment – and an equally massive investment. This can make you […]

What is an Elopement?| The 2 Different Modern Elope Definitions

What is an elopement? Let’s review the outdated definition……It seems that an elopement definition is defined by our culture just as it is defined by the region we live. For the majority of history elopements have been looked upon with a level of discernment and have been grouped with in the realm of speculation along […]

Beautiful Elopement Ceremony Ideas & 3 Romantic Elopement Script Examples

The best elopement ceremonies combine traditional and nontraditional elements.

Life is far more fast-paced and action-packed than ever before. Once we had the time to do things at a leisurely pace, but now we’ve just got our hands and our minds occupied with too much to spend hours and days on a special event – even if it’s our wedding! As a photographer and […]

Elope in Alaska| The Full 2023 Guide for Adventurous Couples

There are plentty of ways to have a wedding but I will show you how to elope in Alaska.

To elope in Alaska; many would think of thick snow topped mountains, the northern lights, and an abundance of wildlife; this would all be a correct assumption and then some. As an elopement photographer Alaska is one of my favorite places to help couple plan proposals, craft vow renewals and assist in creating beautiful ceremonies […]

12 of the Best Alaska Wedding Venues with Epic Scenery

Knik glacier is an awesome spot for an Alaska wedding venue.

Get ready for out of this world scenery with all these Alaska wedding venues with untamed wilderness for an Alaska destination wedding! The following blog post has curated some of the best locations to celebrate love, togetherness, and bring about the perfect start to new beginnings. From glaciers to mountains and even fields of wildflowers, […]

Mountain Elopement | 9 of the Best Rocky Mountain Wedding Venues

A Rocky Mountain National Park wedding and a mountain elopement happen quite often in RMNP.

The Rocky Mountains are the inspiration of painters, photographers, movie makers or pretty much any artist of all different types of mediums, it’s not difficult to see why couple’s seeking a Rocky Mountain wedding would consider this national park for their mountain wedding day. The mountain landscapes provide a natural and serene backdrop for your […]

The Best Wyoming Wedding Venues Part 1

A beautiful Wyoming elopement at Grand Teton National Park.

Wyoming is undeniably a state filled with natural beauty and untamed wilderness, the vast landscape inspires a sense of unimaginable potential for a Wyoming wedding venues with a myriad of backdrops. As an elopement photographer everywhere I looked while capturing the love and deep connection of couples captivated my imagination. Everyone understands that feeling of […]

The 10 Best Arizona Elopement Locations

Brittany helped us every step of the way, she was the elopement photographer for us.

An Arizona elopement is the perfect way to create a unique wedding experience, it can be a bit adventurous and is always bursting with desert beauty in every season. Your wedding is guaranteed to provide your elopement photographer with scenery that is inspirational to give your images an exclusive quality that isn’t seen every day. […]

The Best Wedding Venues in New Orleans-12 Venues to Check Out

A bride and groom looking at wedding venues in New Orleans.

New Orleans wedding venues are one of the dreamiest locations for a destination wedding or elopement as it is one of the most romantic cities in America. The ambiance of this city makes it feel part Caribbean, with cultural nuances from Spain and France, and to make things better – always full of music. The French […]

How to Elope in California| 11 of the Best Elopement Venues California can Offer

A bride and groom wondering how to elope in california.

If you are considering an elopement in California you’ve got an exciting time ahead of you learn from a California elopement photographer how to elope in California!. California is probably one of the best places in the world to have an adventure wedding and is a popular choice for couples who want to experience a […]