Knik glacier is an awesome spot for an Alaska wedding venue.

12 of the Best Alaska Wedding Venues with Epic Scenery

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Get ready for out of this world scenery with all these Alaska wedding venues with untamed wilderness for an Alaska destination wedding! The following blog post has curated some of the best locations to celebrate love, togetherness, and bring about the perfect start to new beginnings. From glaciers to mountains and even fields of wildflowers, if Iceland and Hawaii could possibly have a baby, I imagine it would look very similar to Alaska. So, where to have a wedding in Alaska? Read on to find out which wedding venue suits closely to the dreams of hosting a wedding that you have always imagined.  You have the seamless opportunity of choosing something that is so uniquely yours surrounded by jaw dropping scenery, it will be impossible to not have amazing wedding photography.

There are so many Alaska wedding venues filled with infinite mountain beauty.

Alaska is well known for being the “Last Frontier,” and with good reason. The culture of the native tribes is just as varied as the wildlife and can provide a deeper understanding of how life has evolved to endure a tundra climate. While many couples would assume that Alaska is a preferred location for a winter wedding location these wedding venues operate mostly in the warmer months while offering the most magnificent panoramic views that the North American continent has to offer.

Seward Windsong Lodge

Are you looking forward to beginning your journey together in the demesnes of brooding and looming mountains, the burbling and babbling of the Resurrection River that curves gently in the background, and the prim, dainty, pendulous cones of the spruce trees? Seward Windsong Lodge is the picture-perfect answer to suit your movie-like wedding plans with its spectacular viewing deck, three reception venues, and unparalleled service catering. Imagine the perfectness and definiteness of the moment when you say ‘I Do’ in one of the finest outdoor wedding venues within Seward, Alaska. Windsong Lodge is located next to Resurrection River that is connected to Exit Glacier a couple miles away from this Alaskan wedding venue in Kenai Fjords National Park. If you are further looking out to host the most phenomenal and striking bridal party to kick-start the festivities, the Kenai Fjords National Park should be your go-to choice just down the path. Set your worries aside, make your day as cherished as possible, and enjoy the sights and sounds to make lifelong memories with your better half!

The Knik River Lodge offers Helicopter tours to Knik Glaciers for their visitors.

Knik River Lodge

Stop dreaming about your fantasy wedding and make it happen amidst the deck of a beautiful, lying serenely and placidly within the wilderness. Knik River Lodge serves as your tranquil haven of peace, remote enough to resonate with the true essence of wilderness, and close enough to Anchorage. The outdoor, mountain wedding venue is one of the most majestic places to tie the knot in Alaska as you are greeted by the resident moose and merrily welcomed by the musical calls of the solemn great horned owl, situated within its dearest lookout tree brooding over the hill. Knik’s forte is hosting intimate, small celebratory weddings for about 35 guests. This is undoubtedly one of the most magical heavens on the earth, as a winding mountain round drives you profoundly within the towering mountains to the lodge and your private deck.

Talkeetna River Lodge

As an alaska destination wedding photographer, I recommend Talkeetna Lodge for Weddings.

Another one of the majestic wedding venues in Alaska is situated above the momentous frontier town of Talkeetna: The Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. From alluring outdoor settings and a number of indoor event venues, wedding bells surely ring a little sweeter amidst the beguiling Alaskan wilderness and the luxuriant wedding backdrops. The lodge is a perfect amalgamation of the Denali views along with an intimate outdoor experience. Along with the aesthetics and the endlessly fascinating and dramatic views, the venue also offers some of the finest culinary and event services which will serve you in the best possible way. As you take your vows in nature, you could entertain your guests with a variety of elegant dining options ranging from wild, exotic seafood characteristics to the Alaskan taste, and a lot more.

Huffman Manor

If you are someone who has always dreamed of having a movie-like fairy-tale wedding venue, the Huffman Manor should be your top choice here in Alaska. It is a dream-come-true location set on an out-of-the-way, quiet three acres of land. From crystal chandeliers to a majestic staircase and even vaulted ceilings, the Huffman Manor is nothing less than a mesmerizing scene from a storybook. Indoor and outdoor options are available with its assortment of spaces. The intricate detailing, chic lighting, comfy fireplace, and strikingly pleasing, panoramic views of the private grounds make one feel an impulse to double-check the reality of the place. The venue is well-suited for a cherished wedding reception in more ways than one. The availability of a bridal suite, as well as a library serving as the groom’s room, a cocktail lounge with a full-size bar, and the ultimate commodity of the chef’s kitchen are all some of the favorite features of the Huffman Manor that make it stand out. Even though the temperature outside goes below the freezing point, you can have an unparalleled feeling of warmth, comfort, and joyous delight within the venue for the dazzling, jaw-dropping event that you have been planning for years!

Kenai River Lodge

Two words to describe a wedding at the Kenai River Lodge: remote and romantic. Located within the heart of Soldotna, the Kenai River Lodge is a mountain wedding venue that offers the go-to blend for hosting a remarkable combination of luxury, wilderness, convenience, and size. and nature. Along with the thriving, blooming elements of nature that the wedding venue has to offer, it also provides the finest connections and services required to plan the various elements of the wedding, such as guided tours for families and guests, catering services, and so on. Kenai River Lodge is one of the most popular choices for brides and grooms to tie the knot due to the blissful, breezy waterfronts, the verdant, vernal greens, and the organic backgrounds. There is a reason why open-air venues are recognized as one of the finest trends for weddings, and the Kenai River Lodge never ceases to amaze those interested in a secluded, earthy setting so close to their heart for intimate celebrations.

Hatcher’s Pass Lodge

Do you want to get married in the spirit of the remote adventures of Alaska? The Hatcher’s Pass Lodge is the right pick for you and your guests, matching the significance of the moments and memories, and impressing everyone out there with its singularity. The venue is conveniently accessible by road and heads about 60 miles north of Anchorage, whilst also falling on the way to Denali. With rustic interiors that let natural beauty shine amidst the ruggedness of the structures, you can find some of the best hosts at the Hatcher Pass Lodge. The location is accessible throughout the year, also offering some of the best skiing and hiking memories for your families and guests. The springy, lush grass dramatically corroborates with the phantom-white winter mountains jutting into the sky. Along with the wedding festivities, one can get their hands on interminable adventure opportunities. There are eleven rustic cabins at the location, along with a full bar possessing a vast selection of warm cocktails and traditional Alaskan beers. After taking your vows amidst the breathtaking sights, you can enjoy yourself with the café menu they offer. Imagine the photographs that would come out in the rather unreal backgrounds of wildflowers, wild berries, and wildlife here at Hatcher’s Pass Lodge.

Consider an Alaskan destination wedding in Hatcher's pass if you love the mountains and wildlife.

Majestic Valley River Lodge

A splendid glacier wedding is undoubtedly a dream for many. The Majestic Valley Lodge has been subtly nestled between pristine waters and daunting mountains and is one of the most artistic and photographer-favorite wedding venues in Alaska. Inspired by the age-old lodges of the past, you can expect the finest, top-notch hospitality which is required to make your big day cherished and lasting. The venue offers both outdoor and indoor reception spaces and is fit for all seasons. The year-round wedding venue beautifully celebrates the adventures of love and life that you are willing to embark on. Let the gorgeous scenery and the distinctive, cozy charm of Majestic Valley’s luxury lodges witness where life takes you and how you explore the wonders of nature in Alaska.

Hacter's Pass is a very popular place as an Alaskan wedding venue and will need to be booked in advanced.

Alaska Sunset View Resort

One simply cannot go wrong with a brilliantly blue, dammed-up lakefront setting to host a dream destination wedding. Alaska Sun Resort is perhaps one of the most romantic settings on the list of outdoor wedding venues on the list due to its stellar waterfront accommodations. While it may sound like an obvious choice for a summer wedding reception, it is also a sight for sore eyes during the seasonal, scarlet autumn or the festive, enchanted winter. One gets the quintessence of the nautical wedding setting here at the Alaska Sun Resort as it offers glittering lake views, comfy accommodations, and some of the finest locations that happen to be a photographer’s dream. Plan your big day at either of the two banquet facilities that it offers and host your special day in the most exceptional manner here.

Briarwood Farm

Briarwood Farm is the brainchild of River, who had longed for creating the perfect outdoor venue in Alaska that profoundly appreciates all that the state has to offer. The paradisiacal wedding venue comprises a man-made waterfall and is circled and rung by incredibly peaceful and soothing surroundings. From fiddlehead ferns to cascading, riffling water flowing down the little pond, there are multiple elements at the location which could make your wedding pictures stand out. The owner has designed the place with utmost love and care by transferring her own perennials from her residence. The outdoor venue brims with the most radiant colors and sweet scents due to the presence of irises, lilies, and columbines. If you are looking out to add the ancestral, medieval touch to the background, there are two momentous lilac trees and a few apple trees which were planted in the 1960s. It is just so beautiful to see how all of these striking elements come out together to make one of the most effortlessly aesthetic sights. Prepared to be awe-struck by how everything turns out to be as you marry your better half in the bucolic farmland backdrops, further supported by the Matanuska River and the immaculate mountainous views. The six-acre vast area should be an ideal choice for your big day!

Turnagain View Lodge Alaska Wedding Venue

The Turnagain View Lodge is located almost halfway between Anchorage and Girdwood and offers a playground for outdoor enthusiasts where an overarching dramatic skyline of Anchorage comes to life. Celebrating the defining moment of your life in these panoramic views and the warm waters, you can make the most out of the variety of indoor and outdoor event spaces, and the accommodations they offer. The lodge rests upon a 12-acre ancestral gold mining claim. The venue is, indeed, a treat during the winter months as the heaven-touching zeniths of the Chugach mountains drench in dazzling light. You can expect to have the most aesthetic photography sessions as spikes of thin light bayonet the snow-capped peaks in a prickling line.

Alaska Heavenly Lodge

The Alaska Heavenly Lodge is the state’s best-kept heavenly secret and happens to be a stunning, magical wedding venue in all its aspects. The heavenly lodges continue to preserve their long history of having the most satisfied clients who assuredly fall in love with the stunning property and the lifelong memories of the grand wedding festivities. Stretched over an area of eighteen private acres, with majestic views of Cooper Landing, and artistically manicured lawns, you can opt for the venue to host your wedding ceremony and receptions for as many as fifty people. The scenic setting beneath the sheet of mountains is endowed with numerous photography spots which can add heightened grace and class to your wedding photos!

Alyeska Resort

Situated outside of Anchorage, this ski resort is surrounded by Chugach State Park. Lucky couples that choose this Alaska wedding venue get the option to have their ceremony in one of several locations on the property including a mountain top location with 180-degree views of glaciers, mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Alyeska Resort is prepared to accommodate weddings with a guest list of up to 300 people. Since this is a ski resort, weddings occur year round while couples can even enjoying the resort after their nuptials with heliskiing, Nordic skiing, cat skiing, and snowshoeing throughout the resort’s 1600 acres.

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