Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get prints?
Absolutely! I love knowing that my images are in frames within my clients homes and not just existing in their social media. While you can print anywhere I cannot guarantee that every print lab will produce quality prints. You will have the option to print through your gallery but I do not require that you print through me.
What is the cost of coverage?
My packages for elopements start at $3,000. Connection sessions/engagement sessions start at $1500.
What is a connection session?
A connection session simply put is for any couple that want a photoshoot that captures their connection. This might include couples that are celebrating their 20th anniversary or a couple that are wanting their first photoshoot together. It has nothing to do with an engagement or wedding but is about documenting their love and togetherness.
Will I be required to cover your travel accommodations?

No need to worry! All my accommodations will be taken care or by myself and is included within the price of my packages. I will book my flights, rental car and hotel/airbnb.

Photographers own the copyright to their work just like a painter owns the copyright to their paintings. You will have full license to print as many images as you like wherever you like for personal use.
When do we receive our photos?
Typically between 6-8 weeks after your wedding date.
Do you have a second shooter?
I would recommend that any event with over 70 people in attendance you consider adding a second shooter to your package.
How would you describe your style?
My goal is to showcase a couple’s connection, I’m a firm believer that I am not just capturing you and your partner’s love for one another but for future generations to come. I want your children or grand children to sit and say “look, mom and dad(or grandma and grandpa) deeply loved each other.” My intention for every shoot is to produce soul bearing imagery that portrays vulnerability and intimacy, so expect long embraces in epic locations.
Do you ever deliver RAW images?
Let me explain RAW images in a metaphor since there seems to be confusion about what a RAW image is, RAW images are like ingredients in a chef’s specialty dish; it’s unfinished and only a piece of what the final product is. I only deliver edited images so that your entire gallery will have a cohesive look and half finished photography does not represent my art.
Do you photoshop your clients?
I want you to love your images so I do offer basic skin smoothing which means if there is a pimple that showed up on your wedding day I will edit it out for you since it’s a simple fix. Any minor skin issue that will be gone in 2 weeks I will take care. However more in depth editing will need to be outsourced at an additional fee and supplementary time for editing. Examples of issues that will require in depth editing include correcting uneven spray tans, diminishing acne scarring or dewrinkling clothing.
How do you feel about photographing members of the LGBTQ community?
This question hurts my heart that gay couples have to ask. Everyone deserves to have their love story documented in a way that they feel best represents them, if you are a gay couple I would be honored to capture your connection.
Are your hours booked consecutive or can they be broken up?
Any package booked over 12 hours can be broken up between 2 days with an added fee for accommodations. Elopement and destination wedding packages start at $3,000
Why wouldn't I just hire a local photographer if I am having a destination wedding?

That’s a good question. Hiring a foreign wedding photographer can be risky, business laws are different in different countries. Different times zones mean communication can be delayed and if you do speak the language there is a communication barrier. Most couples decide to hire a destination wedding photographer that has American business ethics.