My Story

I will forever be grateful for the couples that choose me to document their wedding day. It is because of them that I have stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon, hiked the Rocky Mountains before sunrise and felt the ocean breeze at the edge of cliffs in Scotland .

I was just like you…….about to get married to that one person that was made for me and I was made for him. The only thing we had to get through was the wedding. 

It was a solid year of nerves. Trying to get bridesmaids together to try on dresses, getting groomsmen to actually care about what they were going to wear, worried if my divorced parents were going to fight at my wedding and the guests that were unofficial alcoholics would make a scene. It seemed like nightmare. 

In the end we decided on an intimate elopement(BEST DECISION EVER!!!), purposefully far enough away that many people on the guest list wouldn’t have even wanted to travel that far to attend.  A factor that was a pinnacle moment to become an elopement photographer is a memory of my maid of honor throwing a fit because she didn’t like the jewelry that  she was supposed to wear for my wedding. 

I thought to myself was, “Damn! Do all couples start married life like this?”  

Turns out, I wasn’t alone. It has been my mission from then on out to help couples avoid the anxiety and stress of fitting into the “traditional wedding” box and replace all that angst with  moments of adventure, togetherness and the best elopement experience possible.

A desert minimony can be located at an airbnb designed for small events.



                                  Origin: Greek

The actual translation represents a concept that cannot be translated in one word. It means to do something with one’s soul, with creativity, effort and a lot of love. To put the “essence of oneself into their work.”  

“My goal is to create a space for you to say your vows exactly the way you want, with zero fear of judgement so that you may look back years from now with absolutely no regret.”


I’m a mother to 3 adorable humans, 1 girl and 2 boys, I married my soulmate in 2018 and life has felt perfect ever since.

My husband and I are both veterans. All my training from the military allows me to give my couples a more safe experience; that includes training in CPR, first aid and survival.

When I’m editing there is always a True Crime documentary or podcast on in the background.

I have been a photographer for 8 years now and bought my first camera for the purpose of building credit to eventually purchase a house, isn’t it funny what roads life leads you down sometime!

My love of photography comes second to the love for my family, the creativity you see in my work all comes from the confidence and support they give me.

I devour books, both physical books and through listening apps. If I am driving in the car 99% of the time I’m listening to audible.

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