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Life’s greatest adventure starts at “I Do!” From elopements, destination weddings, engagements and couple’s sessions; I capture the connection you can’t explain, the unspoken love in fingertip touches while in wild wanderings. Eloping or creating destination weddings opens a world of possibilities to connect and capture beautiful memories that tell a couple’s authentic love story in an intimate setting.

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Hi, I'm Brittany west an elopement and Dallas wedding photographer traveling with couples all over the world to their wedding destination.

Adventurer & wedding Photographer

Hi! I’m Brittany West! 

Often traveling to photograph wandering weddings worldwide and across the U.S. to preserve a couple’s memories is my most cherished task. Combining artistic portraits and documentary storytelling is a stylistic approach that I incorporate into every photoshoot to capture all those moments you want to hold close in your Asheville wedding photography.

I will forever be grateful for the couples that chose me to be their Asheville elopement photographer to document their wedding day. It is because of them that I have stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon, hiked through the Blue Ridge Mountains before sunrise and felt the ocean breeze at the edge of cliffs in Scotland.

Dear Betrothed Couples,

You’ve worked so hard to get to this place and now you have many more decisions to make. The power of wedding photography lies in the ability to create something that transcends time and preserves the memory that will eventually fail to recall the type of flowers that filled your bouquet or how your husband held your hand, wiped your tears of joy as you said your wedding vows.

There are plenty of ways to have a wedding with even more wedding photographers to capture it but if you take anything away from my website just remember this- You have this one moment to fulfill and celebrate this beautiful union, just make sure it’s yours.

-Brittany West

Images Embedded with the Poetry of a Place

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There are many variations of what a wedding can look like. An elopement is purposefully small, meaningful with the intention to be a mirror reflection of the couple’s inner selves. It’s less about the performance; the choreographed dances that we’ve seen flood social media, the amount of guests that show up on your wedding day, or how much money you spend on the wedding itself.. 

Elopements are empowering and intentional, designed to live as present as possible in those fleeting moments and about minimizing the pressures of wedding planning while having the support and guidance of an experienced elopement photographer.

Your wedding day will become deeply embedded in memory and your individual brand of connection as a couple while living in the highest states of awe, wonder, and vulnerability deserves to be documented while having the guidance and support of a trusted Asheville elopement photographer.

Asheville Elopement & Asheville Wedding Photography Available to Travel Worldwide.


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If the thought of a traditional wedding in a dusty, dated church or an outdated reception hall leaves  you less than hyped and makes you feel like the planning process creates a thick mental fog an Asheville elopement or destination wedding is the best alternative. Scenic mountains, enchanting forests, serene meadows, or flowing waterfalls are the best alternative for the couple that decides to make the most of their Asheville wedding photography.

"Brittany is very resourceful and if she doesn't have the answer to your question she will not stop until she finds out. I look back on our wedding pictures and still wonder how we got so lucky to have her document this perfect day."
-Ethan & Kristen
Eloped at Hawksbill Craig

“She helped us with everything! I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day and I can’t stop looking at our elopement photos. I wouldn’t consider any other Asheville elopement photographer”

-John & Amanda

Married in Black Balsam Knob

Brittany helped us every step of the way, she was the elopement photographer for us.

My artistry is inspired by the couples that would rather use their elopement opportunity to proclaim their love in a setting that mirrors their interior wilderness instead of showing off their social networks and good tastes. Together using mindful tools and processes we navigate the desires for a more purposeful nuptial journey while co-collaborating your union in the nature of North Carolina.