Intimate Ruby Beach Engagement Photoshoot

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Stefanie and JP are a beautiful couple that contacted me regarding a Ruby Beach Engagement Photoshoot. Washington beaches aren’t the typical tropical destinations that snow birds frequent during holidays so it’s refreshing to not have to worry about the occasional gawking, middle aged man in the background sporting a neon speedo that I would eventually have to edit out of pictures. Stef and JP are Washington natives and have been engaged for a little over a year but crossed paths over 5 years ago, when they contacted me they expressed their desire to have their engagement photoshoot in Olympic National Park. Stefanie and I began communicating about the deep connection she had with JP the three months leading up to the Ruby Beach Engagement shoot, the rise of the pandemic had created a silver lining and has allowed an exploration of the deeper meaning of their relationship.  While they do not consider themselves an outdoorsy couple Stefanie knew that Ruby Beach would allow for an earthy and moody backdrop with ideal Autumn weather. 

Ruby Beach Engagement Photoshoot

I arrived for the Ruby Beach Engagement Photoshoot the day prior to the couple’s arrival, I scouted locations through the masses of drift wood that stretches along the rugged shore where the rocky beach meets the tree line . I paid particular attention to how the sunset created pockets of golden light between the formations of black rock and imagined placing the couple within the rocks that allowed for privacy from others enjoying the views. Their outfit choices complimented the moodiness of the misty day.Ruby Beach Engagement Photoshoot

Couple walking through drift wood for Ruby Beach engagement PhotoshootCouple balancing on drift wood for their Ruby Beach Engagement PhotoshootRuby Beach Engagement Photoshoot

The weather was ideal when I met the couple; an overcast humid day with a light mist, Stefanie was concerned about her hair frizzing but I assured her that she looked beautiful and no amount of fly aways could ruin the art that we would create.  At the beginning of our photoshoot I asked JP and Stefanie to hold hands and lead Stefanie through the pile of logs, shoes weren’t necessary. They helped each other balance carefully and as they navigated through the sun started peaking out of the clouds. 

Ruby Beach Engagement Photoshoot

As we approached sunset I asked them to hold each other and enjoy being in each other’s arms and focus on how that felt while on the beach. The drama of the black sand and misty haze created a ghostly atmosphere but it my mind the hazy environment only heightened the romance. Ruby Beach Engagement Photoshoot

We eventually moved between the black rock formations that I was particularly excited to put them between, as the sun inched below the clouds and toward the horizon I soon realized the why this remote little Pacific oceanfront gem is named Ruby Beach. The rugged and rocky terrain seems to sparkle as dusk approaches, I understand now why Hollywood has chosen this location for various Twilight sets. 

Ruby Beach Engagement Photoshoot

As Stefanie and JP enjoyed the sunset I asked them to “take in” the feel of the wind at their cheek while holding each other’s hand, they were both great in front of the camera and enjoyed the intimate aspects of their Ruby Beach Engagement Photoshoot. I was honored to have met these two since I have been dreaming of creating a Ruby Beach Photoshoot since I decided to become a professional photographer.

Couple hand-in-hand for their Ruby Beach Engagement PhotoshootRuby Beach Engagement PhotoshootRuby Beach Engagement Photoshoot

JP’s Attire-

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