How do I take great honeymoon photos?

How To Take Beautiful Honeymoon Photos- 8 Useful Tips

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It’s not every day that you get to interlock your fingers with your partner’s and ride off into the sunset for your honeymoon, so why not have beautiful honeymoon photos? So, while you do get the chance to be with the love of your life and spend some quality romantic time together, read these useful tips from a professional elopement photographer to make the most of your honeymoon images.

Honeymoon pictures are a delicacy that many couples have the pleasure of sharing, whereas others don’t. No, we aren’t talking about taking a selfie here and there or posing underneath a palm tree. In order to get the best honeymoon pictures, it’s best to hire a honeymoon photographer. If you wish to save yourself some money by not hiring one, then you have to buy a good camera and learn how to use it.

Using a camera doesn’t simply mean knowing how to turn it on and clicking a shot. There’s more to a camera than simply just taking a photo. You need to know about its functions, how to frame a photo, understand timing, and a lot more. Or else, you’re better off with your phone, but we all know the quality won’t live up to the expectations. To save yourself the hassle, just get a honeymoon photographer. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

So, now that you have a designated honeymoon photographer to take your honeymoon pictures, what are some great ideas to capture the essence of your wonderful journey? In this article, we talk about how to take beautiful honeymoon photos that you can cherish for a lifetime. Read on below to get the best tips and ideas to make your honeymoon pictures absolutely fantastic.

couple on their honeymoon in the North California forest.

Scout a Location

You already decided where you’ll be having your honeymoon, so you must have this figured out? Wrong!

When we say scout a location, we mean look for a place where you’ll take your honeymoon photos. If you have a professional honeymoon photographer along, he/she will be able to suggest you some good locations. But the married couple should have their preference, because after all, these are going to be your honeymoon pictures.

So, how do you select a good place? Well, walk around the neighborhood and see what might make a good background. Is the place too colourful or too bland? Are your faces being camouflaged or are they in contrast with the background? What other highlights are there?

There are many things to be concerned about while picking a suitable location for a photo shoot. The background and the scenery isn’t the only things you should focus on. Where’s the natural light? You don’t want your honeymoon photos to look dark and gloomy.

Don’t just start taking photos right away and beside every monument you come across. There are various ways of taking a photo as we will be discussing later on. But for now, let’s focus on where to take them. Hence, look around before you take your camera out. Get to know the area and if possible, look up some tourist photos online to give you a better understanding of where the location hides its beauty.

Avoid Crowd

Honeymoon pictures should focus on the couple, and not on anyone else. Therefore, having other people in the background can be quite distracting. People in the background also change the tone adjustments of the photo. For instance, the couple could be wearing a monotonous black and white, but a person wearing a colourful shirt in the background can ruin an epic honeymoon photo.

Take your time for people to clear out, or ask the people to give you some space. However, it’s best to go during a time when no one is present or to visit a location that is secluded.

Hence, a lot of couples go to the beach or on a mountainside as these places are not too crowded and give beautiful honeymoon photos.

Even if your honeymoon trip is somewhere in a city or a village that has a lot of people, look for sites where the population density is less and you can take photos in peace without being interrupted. 


Timing for your honeymoon photos is very crucial. This also goes hand in hand with having a professional honeymoon photographer.

A professional honeymoon photographer will tell you the perfect time to take photos. Remember when you talked about the natural lights? These people are experts at playing with the sunlight and can conjure stunning honeymoon photos to make your jaws drop. 

A lot of great honeymoon photos are taken during sunrise or sunset. So, make sure to not give in to the luxury of sleep. You can have plenty of that at home. While you are on your trip, make sure to capture as many beautiful honeymoon pictures as you can.

Your professional honeymoon photographer may even be able to take wonderful photographs at night, perhaps under a starlit sky. Talk to your honeymoon photographer before the trip, lest he/she forgets to take the necessary equipment. Tell them what kind of honeymoon photos you want and they’ll act accordingly.

Act Natural

Do you always have to look into the camera for a photo? Not quite. Some of the best honeymoon photos are taken while the husband and wife are having a moment. These unexpected photos depict the love and affection of the newly married couple. 

For instance, when one of them is admiring the other while they work, or the couple sharing a smile over breakfast. It’s always the little things that have the biggest influence on our lives. Try to frame these moments because they are of sentimental value.

Not all photos need the human subjects to look directly at the camera. The couple could be staring into the sunset on top of a cliff, or splashing water at one another and laughing uncontrollably.

Ask your honeymoon photographer to capture the adventure in the photos. You do what you came to do- have fun with your partner. Let your honeymoon photographer be in charge of your honeymoon photos. Have fun while someone frames the smiles and laughter. Thus, you bring the adventure back with you and keep them for years to come.

Now comes the question, do you always have to do something interesting? Absolutely not. You can simply hold your partner’s hands and walk down a path, and the honeymoon photographer can take a symbolic honeymoon photo from the back- a new couple walks into their new journey together.

These photos can be as interesting as dancing under the stars to even as simple as hugging one another. Just live in the moment and don’t acknowledge the camera.

Couple on their honeymoon at the beach cuddling and taking honeymoon photos.

Get Creative

You see a store selling cowboy hats? Buy two and take photos. Your photos don’t always have to be so serious. Sometimes you need to have fun too and capture that moment. Be as silly as you possibly can be.

Always wanted to build a sandcastle? Do it! There are loads of things on our bucket list which we often don’t have the time to do. Also, a lot of things we do but hardly take into consideration what valuable moments these are. Make sure your honeymoon photos comprise of these underappreciated moments because these tell a story. The story of how your love develops.

If your partner is asleep, draw on their face and take a photo of it. Yes, they may get annoyed, but it’s all in good sport. As long as it washes off, they wouldn’t hold you against it.

It’s up to you how good you want your honeymoon pictures to be. Speaking of having good honeymoon photos, it’s best if you do some research on taking creative photos as well. Even if you have a professional honeymoon photographer, there is no harm in learning the basics for yourself. You may have a better concept of photography than you previously did and this will surely help you to convey your preferences to the photographer.

Only learning about the framings and composure will give you enough idea for a lot of amazing beautiful honeymoon photos. You can use the rule of thumb for a photo of you and your partner kissing during sunset, or even the golden ratio framing rule as you both embrace under a flowering tree.

We all admire great photography skills but having a little concept of what makes some photographs stand out will give us a great comprehension of how to pose or shoot our own photos. 

Create a Mood Board

When I am brainstorming for a connection session with a couple I am also creating a mood board and building upon ideas. In my mood board I am coordinating clothing colors with locations, giving my couples ideas on hair, makeup and even nails and this is all based upon which how I shoot and edit. I also include images that I want to recreate or images that my want to recreate. A mood board can easily be created for free on Canva or on Microsoft word. Ample ideas can be found on Pinterest.


When do you say you’ve taken enough honeymoon photos? The answer is never! You don’t stop taking photos. You take as many beautiful honeymoon photos as possible from as many directions as possible.

This is where perspectives come in. This is another trick worth learning before you set off for your trip. Say you are walking with your partner and you want to take a photo that enumerates the beautiful landscape. Would a photo of the two of you with the background of the landscape look good on a horizontal plane, or will the photo be better if the photographer was on an elevated platform? But how is the angle if the photographer sits on the ground to shoot the picture?

Don’t be afraid to try different angles when taking your honeymoon photos. If you are posing on the stairs, take one from the side, one from the top, another from the bottom. Don’t worry about how much time you’re spending on a single site. You never know which angle will look better.

Just like how your angles are important, so are your poses. Don’t always try the same pose even in different perspectives. Try to be creative when posing for a honeymoon photo. Look at your partner, hold hands, smile or even point towards a random direction and smile together. The possibilities of different perspectives are endless. And with each new perspective, you have the chance of a new good honeymoon picture.

See Samples

It’s always best to be prepared for a journey you are undertaking. When planning for your honeymoon, your luggage and adventure are not the only things you should be prepared for.

If you plan on taking honeymoon photos, you better learn about honeymoon photos. Yes, reading this article is one such task. But there are others tricks too.

Before you set off for the journey, look at honeymoon pictures online and see what sort of photos intrigue your interest. You can pick up a lot of ideas and will also have a good understanding of what you want. There are no rights reserved on the kind of photos a person can take. 

Show the honeymoon photos to your partner and ask if there’s any you two should recreate. Recreating the photos of other couples may actually give you great honeymoon pictures. So, browse online and select your picks.

Also, look up what kind of photos people take on their honeymoon if you want some sparks of creativity. You can even ask your professional honeymoon photographer to show you pictures. Professionals always have a portfolio of the photos they have taken. You even ask them to explain how they will take your honeymoon photos, to ensure you’re on the same page.

Ask Around

It won’t be surprising if you find it difficult to find a good spot to take your beautiful honeymoon photos. But what do you do in such circumstances? Giving up is not an option. If the situation arises, don’t hesitate to ask the locals for their suggestions. 

Chances are the local inhabitants see couples every now and then, and therefore, are experienced with guiding newlyweds. Given how they usually know every nooks and cranny of the area, they may suggest beautiful places you never thought existed or where the ambience will blow you away.

If your honeymoon destination is far away, you can try looking for a professional honeymoon photographer in that region. That way, your honeymoon photographer can also be your guide and you won’t have to ask around.

Final Words

To make your honeymoon special, take as much as honeymoon photos as possible. Just so you get to spend time with your partner properly, hire an engagement photographer or a professional honeymoon photographer to take photos of you two on the act and on the move. Thus, you always capture the spirit of the adventure in the honeymoon pictures. 


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