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Oregon Elopement| The Ultimate How to Elope in Oregon Guide

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Everything You Need to Know About How to Elope in Oregon

Big, fancy weddings aren’t for everyone and nowadays, more and more couples are choosing elopement weddings instead. No matter what size wedding you dream of, from great big, grand affairs to small, intimate elopements, you still want to make sure that all the ingredients are in place for a day both of you will never forget.

An Elopement Wedding in Oregon Is a Magical Choice!

Just because you and your partner wish to elope in Oregon and have a small wedding rather than a traditional wedding doesn’t mean that your big day will be any less magical.

Indeed, if you want to elope in Oregon, you’re in good company! This area is becoming more and more popular for elopement weddings, and couples across the USA (even outside of the USA) are choosing this fascinating destination because of its incredible natural beauty, especially the breathtaking Oregon coast and Columbia River Gorge.

So if your heart is set on an Oregon coast wedding, or you’re considering tying the knot in this stunning American state, we’re going to talk you through everything you need to know in this complete guide (including hidden gems), so your Oregon elopement wedding day is as fabulous as you dream of.

From the painted hills to the glorious coast, and the tumbling waterfalls in Eastern Oregon, not forgetting Wahclella Falls – even the desert, there’s something for any couple wishing to elope in Oregon.

Why Get Married in Oregon?

Choosing Oregon as the state you want to get married in means you’re in good company.  In fact, during 2023, over 23,000 couples decided on Oregon to tie the knot.  The area is popular because it has so many locations and dramatic landscapes – although you do need to consider the many different weather conditions.

Perhaps you’re seeking sunshine? Then head to the East of the state for warm, balmy sunshine almost all year round and choose an area of the Oregon coast.

An Oregon Coast Elopement is Perfect!

If you want a coastal location with dramatic atmosphere, head to the West side of Oregon, and you could even opt for a cliffside location, with views of the Oregon coast or the luscious green forests with towering Redwood trees.

There are even places where you’ll find wildflower meadows during the May to September period! Oregon is definitely a picturesque location for those looking for a romantic atmosphere coupled with magnificent scenery.

First though, let’s touch on the Oregon elopement regulations.


What are the Regulations to Elope in Oregon?

If you want an Oregon elopement, do take note of the marital laws, especially acquiring a marriage license. Firstly, you need to be 18 or older.  Some 17-year-olds can get married in Oregon (but not if you’re 16 and a half!), but you must talk to the county clerk to find out what the criteria is.  Same-sex marriages are also permitted so same-sex couples can elope in Oregon.

You will need to obtain an Oregon marriage license (wedding permit – $50 to $75) from an Oregon County Clerk’s Office and once you’re in receipt of your marriage license, you’ll have to wait three days before you can legally marry (do organize it well in advance of your elopement date).  However, to waive the waiting period, you may be able to pay a fee.  Speak to the County Clerk to find out more.

As an aside, most elopement packages will detail all the regulations too.

Officiant and Two Witnesses

You will need an officiant, who has authorization from the state to perform weddings in Oregon.  While you may be eloping to Oregon and you might want minimum guests, you do need two witnesses for your nuptials.

Get the Elopement Planning Right!

Every type of wedding, including an elopement wedding in Oregon, needs to be planned properly.  There’s a lot to think about, from setting the date, choosing your location (an Oregon coast wedding or perhaps Smith Rock Park?), organizing your officiant, acquiring your Oregon marriage license and all the finer detail too.

Some companies offer full elopement packages, to help you with your planning and elopement locations.

You’ll doubtless want an Oregon elopement photographer, perhaps someone who specializes in elopement ceremonies?  You’ll also want to think about both yours and your partner’s wedding outfits, wedding rings and whether or not you want some guests at your elopement.  If you do, you might want to consider wedding invitations, either online invites or getting a few, bespoke invitations made. Of course, you may not want to tell anyone at all – except your elopement photographer and officiant (plus two witnesses).

Remember, Oregon, like any state in the USA, has plenty of Oregon elopement vendors, and you can book a florist, hair, wedding cake, music, caterers and even elopement photographers. Some venues as mentioned, may even have full Oregon elopement packages, so as soon as you’ve locked your Oregon wedding venue in place, it’s worth asking them for recommendations, if you don’t already know where to look.

Let’s look at where to elope in Oregon in some detail.

Perfect Elopement Wedding Locations in Oregon

As you no doubt know, the area is popular for Oregon elopement weddings because of its natural beauty and it boasts many state-owned parks.  These state park locations are a real favorite for wedding couples – and with good reason.

Most of the Oregon parks have accommodation (or accommodation very close-by), car-parking facilities and well-maintained trails for the bridal couple (and any guests you may want to attend).  They are ideal for low-key elopement weddings or very small ceremonies.

Oregon Coast Highway 101

First though, a little about the Oregon Coast Highway 101 which is situated in the Southern Oregon Coast area, and runs from the very North to the very South of Oregon (mainly covering the Pacific Coast route which is why many people call it the Pacific Coast Highway).  This highway is important if your heart is set on an Oregon coast elopement.

North Coast

Along the route, there are many locations renowned for their splendid natural beauty, for example, along the North Coast, you’ll find thick, coastal forests with huge Redwood trees.  There’s also farmland and the famous Columbia River Gorge.

Central Coast and South Coast

The Central Coast boasts a rugged shoreline, populated by rocks and of course, soft, sandy beaches.  Along the South Coast, you’ll find the Oregon Dunes. Furthermore, there are multiple parks and historic sites, some of which allow an Oregon coast elopement, as long as you have a marriage license.

When looking for the ideal Oregon coast elopement location, it’s a good idea to focus on the Oregon Coast Highway 101 route.

Always Visit A Few Locations First

If an Oregon State Park sounds like where you’d like to hold your elopement wedding, we would recommend visiting those that appeal to you.  Once you’ve narrowed it down, contact the park manager (websites usually have contact details) to discuss your preferred date to elope in Oregon.

Some Parks Do Not Charge for Your Adventurous Wedding

It’s good to know that some state parks won’t charge a fee for your elopement wedding, and others charge a nominal amount.  That’s why Oregon National Parks are so popular for eloping and small, intimate weddings. Some even have a nearby beach, or sultry, moody forests and others have mountain views along with beautiful scenery. However, despite some parks not charging for an elopement wedding, you do need to get permission first to elope in Oregon.

Let’s look at some of the best Oregon elopement wedding locations:

Latourell Falls, Columbia Gorge

This dramatic waterfall location is the ideal Oregon waterfall elopement opportunity. Situated in the Columbia River Gorge, it promises the most exquisite wedding photos, as well as a jaw-dropping view for you and any guests you may have. With car-parking facilities, it’s easy to get to and there are plenty of accommodation options close by, either for your wedding night or perhaps for a couple of guests.


Furthermore, on elopement day, these stunning waterfalls are easy-to-access, with several hiking trails.  You could opt to get married at the Lower Falls, beneath the historic bridge and capture your nuptials with photographs  or if you’re an adventurous couple, take the two mile loop to the Upper Falls for even more awe-inspiring views.

Marry at these Falls During Spring, Summer or Fall

In terms of the best time of year to have an Oregon elopement at Latourell Falls, we’d suggest the spring, summer or fall.  While a winter wedding here would be incredible, the weather is too unpredictable, with ice, snow and rain expected.

Many Elopement Wedding Photo Opportunities

Tie in a visit to the art nouveau style Crown Point Vista House, one of Oregon’s most famous attractions, dating back to 1915 and ideal for even more elopement wedding photographs. Or picture a sunset at the Portland Women’s Forum, another place very close to the Latourell Falls renowned for captivating views, ideal for additional elopement wedding photographs.

Cannon Beach for Oregon Elopements

Sandy Cannon Beach is ideal for a coastal elopement wedding in Oregon, situated in the Pacific Northwest, along the Oregon coastline, and with truly magnificent views. About one hour & 20 minutes from downtown Portland, it is a real favorite amongst eloping couples and there are so many Oregon elopement locations that you could choose to say “I do.”

Chapman Point

Another recommended place is Chapman Point which is on the Northern side of the beach, just across from Ecola Creek.  At the cove (right at the tip of Chapman Point), there’s the perfect area for a small, intimate elopement ceremony or you could say your nuptials on the bluff.

There’s parking and a restroom as well and if you’re looking for quiet and serenity, Chapman Point is the ideal location for your Oregon coast elopement.

Haystack Rock

Or you may prefer Haystack Rock where many elopement couples say their vows at the bottom. It’s close to Cannon Beach Town and there’s parking as well as restrooms.

Silver Point

Another great Oregon coast elopement location is Silver Point, to the southern side of Cannon Beach.  This is a rockier area, ideal for eye-catching elopement wedding photographs. However, bear in mind that it’s not as easy as the others mentioned above to access.

What About the Cannon Beach Weather?

Get married in Cannon Beach in the summer as it’s not ideal during the colder months.  Summer isn’t very hot either, expect temperatures to sit around 66 to 70 degrees fahrenheit.  Other times of year for your Oregon coast elopement don’t guarantee sunshine or much warmth, which is why this location is favored from May to September.

When you elope in Oregon, there are some excellent places to stay, from top-class resort hotels to cozier, boutique-style properties.  If you do stay in the area on your wedding night, choose a hotel that can accommodate you in an oceanfront room.

Mount Hood for Gorgeous Landscapes

The highest point in Oregon, Mount Hood (in Mount Hood National Forest) is a dormant volcano and also the highest mountain in Oregon. For many, it is one of the best places to elope in the area.

If snow-capped mountains are your idea of a romantic backdrop for your Oregon elopement, then Mount Hood could be the perfect location.  It has 12 glaciers and is popular with skiers and hikers, particularly as it has numerous, inviting hiking trails.  Or, simply enjoy the mountain views.

Doubtless, Mount Hood is a brilliant place for outdoor lovers to marry and for those seeking adventure photos!

Picture Orchards of Fruit Trees

The area is one of the most picturesque in Oregon, even the roads surrounding Mount Hood offer beauty – named The Fruit Loop, you’ll see an abundance of farms and orchards where apples, peaches, blueberries, cherries and pears are grown.  When the trees bear fruit, there’s a fabulous show of color to behold!

A Lakeside Setting Awaits

As well as the rugged mountains and fruit trees, there are several lakes, which make ideal places to hold your elopement ceremony in Oregon.  Three lakes stand out in particular, Trillium Lake, Lost Lake and Mirror Lake – and all are peaceful, picture-perfect settings for a wedding ceremony location.

Mount Hood is a popular area for visitors so there are lots of accommodation options, ranging from top-class hotels to smaller, cozy properties.

Multnomah Falls for a Stunning Waterfall Wedding

Another beautiful location for elopement activities is Multnomah Falls.  The incredible waterfalls are in the Columbia River Gorge, 30 miles East of downtown Portland.  Popular with eloping couples, it is the tallest waterfall in the area.  There are many hiking trails to get all the way to the top, but for an elopement wedding, it is best to choose the lower falls, as they are easily accessible.

For Spring or Summer Weddings

Getting married at Multnomah Falls is best in the Spring and Summer months (or early Fall) as in the Winter, the weather is particularly unpredictable, and the waterfalls often freeze. Couples wanting an Oregon elopement tend to get married here up to early October, although September and October cool down significantly.

Bear in mind that the waterfalls are very busy on weekends and holidays because it is one of the best-loved natural attractions in Oregon (with more than 2 million visitors every year!) so if you want to get married at these falls, a midweek day may well serve you best.

Elope in Oregon and Say “I Do” On the Multnomah Falls Bridge

Lots of eloping couples like to get married on the lower falls’ bridge, which is a very romantic setting, the waterfalls bringing a perfect backdrop! Following your nuptials, there’s the Multnomah Falls Lodge restaurant, which is ideal for a small and intimate celebration.

Accommodation-wise, there are various hotels, inns and lodges very near to the falls, for any guests or for your wedding night, which helps to make the falls one of the best places to elope.

Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor, Discover Sea Caves Along the Southern Oregon Coast

In Southern Oregon, you’ll find the Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor which offers a treasure-trove of mesmerizing locations for your big elopement day!  Doubtless, one of the best Oregon coast elopement locations, expect secluded beaches and fascinating rock formations, along with 12 miles of astounding natural beauty is awash with romance.

There are multiple viewpoints as well as picnic areas and trailheads. Plus, along the stretch, you’ll find plenty of parking, lots of good accommodation options when you’re doing your elopement planning, and easily accessible trails if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

A few specific locations stand out for an Oregon elopement in this area:

1             Cape Ferrelo

This boasts unbelievable ocean views and if you want to elope at sunset, you won’t find anywhere better.  However, it is a hike, so bring walking boots.

2             Whaleshead Beach

Right on the ocean, this viewpoint is popular with picnickers.  We recommend it if you want somewhere that’s very easy to access, without excessive hiking!

3             House Rock

Another fabulous viewpoint and one of the best places to elope, this one features a memorial to Samuel H Boardman (who was the very first superintendent of the Oregon parks).

There are plenty of secluded beaches close by too, if you want to get married alongside the ocean with its rushing waves.

4             Arch Rock

This is another easy-to-access viewpoint which has a paved parking lot, perfect for elopement day.  Expect marvellous views of sea stacks and islands – a truly magical place to say, “I do.”

5             Natural Bridges

With several arch rocks, this area is called Natural Bridges for good reason, and it gives you some of the very best views of the corridor.  It’s also a short walk, which isn’t too difficult either.


Crater Lake National Park

Oregon is home to mountains, waterfalls, beaches, rock formations, crags, caves and even lakes.  Picturesque Crater Lake is another very popular Oregon elopement location for adventurous couples.

The lake itself, in Southern Oregon, is a tremendous blue color (your elopement photographer will capture the most amazing images) and exceptionally clear.  It is also the deepest lake in the whole of the USA and was formed nearly 8,000 years ago, the result of a volcanic eruption.

With Accommodation Situated in the Lake’s Vicinity

You can even stay right in the vicinity as there are various accommodation options, from old-fashioned, atmospheric cabins to hotels.  Why not book one of the restaurants to enjoy a wedding celebration after you’ve tied the knot?  Finish off your day with a romantic boat tour to see the hidden gems that Crater Lake has to offer.

When to Get Married in Crater Lake

Crater Lake National Park is ideal for elopement weddings from spring to fall, and we particularly recommend the early fall,  because the natural beauty around the lake is breathtaking.  Any later and you risk bad weather.

Rugged Cape Kiwanda

To the North of Pacific City, you’ll find a phenomenal viewpoint at Cape Kiwanda (North Oregon coast) where you’ll see the full force of the ocean on your wedding day.  Expect rugged rock formations, caves and cliff edges.  This is one of the most magnificent examples of natural beauty in the area and perfect for one of those Wuthering Heights’ moments!  It is quite windy, though and there are some areas where you won’t be able to hold your elopement ceremony because of the fragile rock formation.

When to Elope in Cape Kiwanda, Oregon

Cape Kiwanda is ideal for much of the year, Summer is usually the most popular for eloping couples, because of the beach location and the weather is warmer.  However, it can be crowded because of its popularity with tourists and visitors.

You may prefer to choose the Fall; the weather is still beautiful and the summer crowds will have diminished.  Winter is only for adventurous couples as it does get cold, but the pictures may well outweigh the weather – although be wary of Winter weddings in Cape Kiwanda because it could rain or even snow.

Cape Kiwanda elopement in Oregon.

The Spring months are another favorite with Cape Kiwanda elopements, as the weather is beginning to warm up, the days are longer, and the area isn’t too crowded. This means you get plenty of privacy for your Oregon coast elopement.

Whatever time of year you choose for a wedding on the Oregon coast, your elopement photographer will be sure to capture dazzling images of the two of you!

Can You Stay in Cape Kiwanda?

There are a few hotels and inns dotted around the Southern Oregon coast, so if you want to explore more of what Cape Kiwanda has to offer after your Oregon coast elopement and enjoy a honeymoon, there are options for you (and any guests) to stay close by.

Bridal Veil Falls

For another spectacular Oregon coast elopement location in Oregon, look no further than the aptly-named Bridal Veil Falls, at Lumber Mill. As it’s easily accessible it’s a favorite for elopement weddings.  Located right next to the highway (just over a half hour to 45 minutes’ drive from Portland), if you do have a couple of  guests, they won’t have any trouble getting there especially as there are two walking paths that are easy to navigate.

A Peaceful and Quiet Ceremony Location


Another reason to choose Bridal Veil Falls is the tranquility, it’s very peaceful and not too crowded, even during high season.  There’s a picnic area which is bathed in sunshine if the weather’s good and plenty of admirable water views as well as beautiful wildflower meadows to marvel at (from May to September).  The meadows are a picture-perfect location for your elopement photographer to use as a backdrop.

There’s also a few good quality places to stay, including Bridal Veil Lodge (just across from the falls) along with more accommodation options in historic Cascade Locks (half an hour away) if you want to continue your celebrations and enjoy a few days of newly-wedded bliss.

When Is the Best Time for an Elopement Wedding in Bridal Veil Falls?

The best time to elope to Bridal Veil Falls is June to end of September, if you want dry weather.  After September, it gets colder and is more likely to rain.  You may get some good opportunities to elope in Oregon to the Falls from April through June, but it can still be quite chilly.

Other Fantastic Places to Elope in Oregon

As well as the many amazing Oregon elopement locations listed above, there are other stunning places. You could also opt for South Sister, which is a mountain in Oregon known for its tricky hiking trails, and probably better for adventure elopements!

There’s also the Botanical Garden in Silverton, this 80-acre garden is home to 23 themed gardens, the perfect backdrop for all your elopement activities!

Do check out Indian Beach which is a secluded paradise located in Ecola park, and a favorite amongst eloping couples. With secluded coves, a hiking trail and wildlife it brings the opportunity of so many enchanting photographs by your Oregon elopement photographer and of course, that beautiful scenery.

Let’s Wrap Up!

If you and your partner wish to elope in Oregon, there are countless locations. Choose from an abundance of Oregon coast elopement locations, perhaps Cannon Beach or the Columbia River Gorge? Whether you want to be in Central Oregon, the Smith Rock State Park, or along the Pacific Northwest, there’s something for every type of wedding, an elopement or even a traditional wedding. Remember, get your marriage license at least three days in advance and do your elopement planning with plenty of time. Lock in your Oregon elopement photographer, hair & makeup, florist, accommodation, celebration meal, music and officiant so all you need to do is turn up and thoroughly enjoy what will be the very best day of your lives!

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