Beautiful and Intimate Desert Wedding in Joshua Tree

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Intimate Desert Wedding

Audrey and Devon is another couple that decided an intimate desert wedding was the best option for them after canceling their 150 guest wedding in Los Angeles due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The two were eager to get married but wanted a desert wedding venue that was suitable to their unique style, Audrey’s desert wedding dress was a considerable factor when deciding on the perfect location. When I first connected with them they informed me that hiking wasn’t an option because Audrey’s bohemian, lace wedding dress had a bit of a train and both of them didn’t desire to become winded and sweaty before saying their vows taking pictures-no problem. Considering Devon and Audrey wanted to have an intimate desert wedding in the fall all I needed to do was find a location that didn’t have inclines and had a short hike.  I reached out again and presented Joshua Tree and they agreed that it was the perfect desert wedding venue. Joshua Tree is a National Park located about one hour north of the Coachella Valley and is located within California’s Mojave Desert. Joshua Tree is known for its unique geological formations, large piles of granite boulders are scattered throughout the national park. Joshua Tree is a magical place for an elopement and is a very popular location for weddings of any kind but considering it’s unique ecosystem it would be ideal to adhere to Leave No Trace guidelines so that the unique tapestry of plant and animal diversity can continue to flourish.

The day before their elopement I took time to scout locations eventually venturing to Cap Rock, the trail surrounding Cap Rock was the shortest in the entire national park and provided a beautiful sunset over Queen Valley. The day of Audrey and Devon’s desert wedding had clear weather and  provided the perfect backdrop; hikers and rock climbers were minimal and the location provided enough privacy while not requiring extended hiking to get beautiful images.

Audrey’s desert wedding dress was accessorizes with a tan, felt fedora hat and Devon adorned a white and ivory suit that created a perfect desert vibe. After the elopement ceremony I focused on creating images for the couple that portrayed the deep connection and intimacy that they liked so much while showcasing Audrey’s desert wedding dress. Onlookers were minimal while they read their vows and considering that California allows for self solemnization an officiant was not required and their ceremony was unscripted and personalized to their unique tastes.

Couple in Joshua Tree for their Desert Wedding. Bride in Bohemian dress.Couple embracing during their desert wedding at Joshua Tree National Park.Bride in bohemian wedding dress with hat at her desert wedding in Joshua Tree National Park.Bride in Bohemian Wedding Dress and Groom in white suit at their desert wedding in Joshua National ParkCouple getting married at their elopement in front of rock formations at Joshua Tree National Park

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