How To Include Your Dog in Wedding| 13 ways to Include Bride’s Best Friend

A couple getting married in Scotland with dog.

With more than 65 million American households owning fur babies – it will probably come as no surprise to you to hear that more and more engaged couples who are dog owners are choosing to include their adored pooch in their wedding day ceremony! After all, the photos with your furry friend would be utterly […]

Second Wedding Idea-5 Common Questions Every Couple Wonders

The Asheville elopement packages cover the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

I’ve procrastinated quite a bit about this article………it can be somewhat of a scandalous topic in some groups of people. I only know because I’ve lived it. If you have come here with the intent of finding advice and support, you have it! But you also deserve a congratulations, even more than with your first […]

What is a Commitment Ceremony? 5 Romantic Commitment Ceremony Ideas

There are numerous ways for a couple to commit their lives together, and one of those ways is through a commitment ceremony. What is a Commitment Ceremony? A commitment ceremony is practically identical to a wedding, where two people declare their commitment and love for one another and exchange vows. Unlike a traditional wedding, the […]

Scottish Wedding Traditions| Remnants of a Celtic Past

A bride and groom at their Isle of Skye wedding in Scotland.

A Brief History of Scottish Wedding Traditions Whether your groom wants to pay tribute by wearing the tartan kilt or a tying the knot ceremony incorporating Scottish wedding traditions can leave a memorable impression on your wedding guests. Scottish wedding traditions are varied due to their region of origin and can be eclectic but keep […]