Second Wedding Idea-5 Common Questions Every Couple Wonders

The Asheville elopement packages cover the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

I’ve procrastinated quite a bit about this article………it can be somewhat of a scandalous topic in some groups of people. I only know because I’ve lived it. If you have come here with the intent of finding advice and support, you have it! But you also deserve a congratulations, even more than with your first […]

What is a Commitment Ceremony? 5 Romantic Commitment Ceremony Ideas

What is a commitment ceremony? A commitment ceremony is a celebration of love and commitment between two people, similar to a wedding ceremony, but without the legal recognition. These ceremonies can be held for any type of committed relationship, including same-sex and heterosexual relationships, and can be a way for couples to publicly declare their […]

Scottish Wedding Traditions| Remnants of a Celtic Past

A bride and groom at their Isle of Skye wedding in Scotland.

A Brief History of Scottish Wedding Traditions Whether your groom wants to pay tribute by wearing the tartan kilt or a tying the knot ceremony incorporating Scottish wedding traditions can leave a memorable impression on your wedding guests. Scottish wedding traditions are varied due to their region of origin and can be eclectic but keep […]